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  • Ziton A70E-2 Conventional Zone Interface

Ziton A70E-2 Conventional Zone Interface

Ziton A70E-2 Conventional Zone Interface
Brand: Ziton
  • $117.46

Ziton A70E-2 Conventional Zone Interface

The A70E-2 zone interface is fully loop powered and enables existing or new conventional zones to be interfaced to an analogue system, allowing all areas of a site to be controlled by the ZP analogue panel. Through its interface, each zone is assigned a unique address. Zones are monitored for fire and fault conditions and status is reported to the ZP control panel, every 2 seconds. Zones of up to 15 Ziton Z600 conventional trigger devices can be connected to the interface, with a maximum of 127 interface units installed on each ZP loop.

The A70E monitors its conventional zone wiring for open and short circuit faults, via end of line resistors supplied with the unit. When detectors are installed with Z6-BS5 bases the interface maintains complete operation of all other zone devices, should a detector from within the zone, be emoved from its base. Clear, visual indication is shown on the front of the A70E moulding for alarm (red LED) and fault (amber LED).

Deriving power directly from the loop wiring and with a low current consumption, in addition to zonal connection, the interface has many system applications ranging from the interface of equipment for hazardous areas, to the operation of magnetic door retainers (via an interposing relay) and linear beam detectors. Housed in low profile mouldings, the interface is designed to clip directly onto a standard DIN35 rail fixing, or be installed in a SMB-DIN100 box (one unit capacity), or a SMB-DIN200 box (two unit capacity). In systems where numerous interfaces are installed or current requirement is excessive, the A70E can be powered from an external power supply.

Key Features

  • Interfaces up to 15 Ziton Z600 conventional devices to the ZP loop
  • Addressable - reports status every 2 seconds
  • Monitors conventional zone wiring
  • Detector removal monitoring (with Z6-BS5 bases)
  • DIN35 rail mounted
  • Up to 127 conventional zones interfaced to each ZP loop (with external PSU)

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