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  • Advanced LED-Lite Addressable Non-maintained 3 Hour 3W LED

Advanced LED-Lite Addressable Non-maintained 3 Hour 3W LED

Advanced LED-Lite Addressable Non-maintained 3 Hour 3W LED

Please note: This product is now obsolete, please contact us for further information.

Advanced LLED3/NM3/P/C/REM/BK LED-Lite Addressable Non-maintained 3 Hr 3W LED comes with Corridor Lens, Remote Box & Black Decorative Ceiling Trim

The LED-Lite range of recessed luminaires offers a simple method of providing discrete emergency lighting in areas that require a self-contained solution.  Available with a symmetrical wide-angle lens or an asymmetrical 'corridor' lens for escape routes, the luminaire simply requires a permanent 230 Volt supply (and addressable wiring) to provide effective non-maintained emergency lighting with a 3-hour duration. This version is available in maintained version for such applications as 'night lighting' in hospital wards.

This version comes complete with a robust remote enclosure which houses all the control components.  An alternative LED head is available that utilises three 1W LEDs in a dichroic housing, complete with a 'through hole sausage pack' to allow installation in to solid ceilings such as plaster. The LED-LiTe fully supports all features of the Lux Intelligent test system.


The LED-Lite is supplied with integral non-maintained emergency lighting control gear. 

The self-contained unit offers 3-hour emergency lighting duration from integral nickel-metal hydride batteries.  The LED-Lite incorporates a green LED to provide battery charge indication. The luminaires will automatically provide emergency lighting in the event of a loss of local mains supply. The benefits of modern LEDs are well documented.


The LED-Lite recessed units can be discretely mounted in a 45mm cut-out, whilst the larger three by 1W LED modules require a 72mm cut-out.

When the 'corridor' lens is specified, the LED can easily be rotated to align the distribution along the escape route.

Key Features:

  • Available as open area or corridor versions
  • Reliable LED technology
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent spacing values
  • Discrete recessed LED luminaire
  • Fully compatible with Lux Intelligent test system
  • Suitable for a mixture of ceiling types

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