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  • Crowcon 12L Spray Bump Gas Cylinder with Push Button and Straw

Crowcon 12L Spray Bump Gas Cylinder with Push Button and Straw

Crowcon 12L Spray Bump Gas Cylinder with Push Button and Straw
Brand: Crowcon

Crowcon 12L Spray Bump Gas Cylinder with Push Button and Straw

Bump testing has always been a challenge for mobile users with the difficulties and cost of transporting gas and regulators. After listening to your needs, Crowcon have found a solution to make bump testing easier. Crowcon's Bump Gas Spray is a can that comes with a nozzle for easy testing of equipment. Simply attach the straw onto the nozzle and spray a small amount of gas into the unit's calibration cap. The unit will then go into alarm and show you that it is fully functional with audible and visual checks. 

Bump Testing

With regulations driving tighter calibration routines and the requirement for daily bump testing, there is a real need for test gas. Gas detectors play a key part for people and plant safety so equipment cannot afford to be out of service.

The aim of the bump test is to make sure a gas monitor is working at its optimum by briefly exposing the unit to a known concentration of the target gas. The reading is compared to the actual quantity of gas present, as stated on the test gas cylinder, and if the detector goes into alarm within an acceptable range of the actual concentration, usually within 10%, then it is working safely. If the bump test results are not within the acceptable range, or it takes more than 30-40 seconds to alarm, the gas detector must not be used until a full calibration has been conducted.

Key Features

  • All 12L spray gas canisters are only available in a Nitrogen balance
  • Certificate of conformity – for peace of mind, full compliance and actual gas values are shown on the cylinder
  • All cylinders come with Certificates of Analysis as standard – if you lose your certificate, we have full traceability so we can get a cope of the certificate for peace of mind
  • Long shelf life for reactive gases – more bump test from the cylinder before it expires, therefore cost effective and reduces waste
  • Wide range of calibration gas – The convenience of having the gas you need to calibrate or bump test your fleet
  • 12 litre cylinder size – 12 bar (175psi), height 265mm, weight 0.32kg & diameter 72mm
  • Material – Aluminium approved to ISO 11118
  • Can with push button and spray straw

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