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  • Ziton ZX832 Multisensor Detector

Ziton ZX832 Multisensor Detector

Ziton ZX832 Multisensor Detector
Brand: Ziton

Please note: The ZX832 is being phased out and has been replaced by the ZX832-2P

Ziton ZX832 Multisensor Detector

ZX832 multisensor represents the next generation of fire detectors giving an earlier warning of fire or smoke, with the ability to discriminate against false alarms. Fuzzy logic software using multi-criteria sensing form the basis of this advanced detector. The detector consists of integrated high sensitivity smoke and thermal sensors. ZX832 detectors are suited to applications requiring the highest level of alarm integrity. Each sensor can protect up to 1002m subject to room and ceiling design and local codes. If the detector is intended to be used in thermal-only mode at certain times, then maximum coverage is 50m2.

The ZX832 is a standard ZP addressable device, which uses the ZP addressing system. Up to 127 devices can be connected to each ZP address loop. The system automatically compensates each sensor individually for calibration changes caused by dirt, temperature, humidity, voltage fluctuations and long term contamination.

Key Features

  • Multi-criteria fire sensing
  • Enhanced detection certainty
  • False alarm discrimination
  • Fuzzy logic algorithms
  • Selectable algorithms
  • Microprocessor based
  • Smoke element complies with EN54 Pt7
  • Heat element complies with EN54 Pt5 certification A1

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