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  • Ziton ZP755HA-2R Horn Sounder Red

Ziton ZP755HA-2R Horn Sounder Red

Ziton ZP755HA-2R Horn Sounder Red
Brand: Ziton
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Ziton ZP755HA-2R Horn Sounder Red

ZP755HA-2R is a RED addressable horn sounder designed for use with ZP addressable fire alarm systems. Designed with dual front and rear sound paths, it provides an 'all around' sound output - ideal for open area coverage.
Installed directly onto and powered by the ZP wiring loop, the ZP755HA-2 sounders enable the system designer to offer a complete ZP addressable system on a single pair of wires. Installation time and costs are further reduced as the moulding plugs directly into a first fix base – eliminating the need for any internal connections.
The units high efficiency acoustic design, together with a low energy 'sound gun' transducer, enables up to 40 sounders to be connected to a one kilometre loop of 1.5mm² cable, with a wiring run of 50 metres to the first device.

Self test facility

The range features a unique self test facility - automatically activated during routine sounder testing. A built in microphone circuit measures sound output and automatically signals the sounder address and location to the control panel, should the output test fail.

In systems where loop lengths or current requirements are excessive, ZP755 sounders can be powered directly from an external power supply. All ZP755 sounders incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address, which is polled by the panel every two seconds.

Range of sound outputs

Continuous, intermittent and two-tone outputs are available from which any combination can be chosen to provide alert and evacuate, two stage alarms. Sound types comply with most international codes (e.g. BS 5839 Part 1 recommended frequencies).

ZP755HA-2 sounders produce a sound output of up to 92 dBA (tested at 1 metre). The volume setting can be reduced for areas where a lower sound output is required.

Moulded in high impact thermoplastic, the sounders are available in either polar white, red or white.

Key Features

  • Wide 'all around' sound distribution
  • Microphone self test facility
  • Plug in base – no direct wiring connections
  • Up to 50 sounders directly on the loop wiring
  • High efficiency sound gun transducer
  • Synchronised outputs
  • EN54:3 approved and CPR certified

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