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  • Ziton ZP755B-2W Addressable Sounder Base

Ziton ZP755B-2W Addressable Sounder Base

Ziton ZP755B-2W Addressable Sounder Base
Brand: Ziton

Please note: The ZP755B-2W is being phased out and has been replaced by the ZP755B-2P

Ziton ZP755B-2W Addressable Sounder Base (White)

The ZP755B-2W combines sensor base and audible sounder in a single stylish moulding. It offers both audible and visual warnings from a single, addressable, loop wired unit. The unit provides an elegant solution for areas where the installation of a separate sensor and sounder would prove expensive, both in equipment capital value and system wiring costs. Installation time is further reduced, as the moulding plugs directly onto a first fix base - eliminating the need for any internal connections. The ZP755B-2W is perfectly suited for any location involving multiple alarm sounders, for example hotel bedrooms and risk areas comprising many small compartments. Independent addressing for the sensor and alarm facility is featured, with sound levels conforming to EN54 Part 3.

The ZP755 range features a unique self test facility - automatically activated during routine sounder testing. A built in microphone circuit measures sound output level and automatically signals the sounder address and location to the control panel, should the output test fail. Continuous, intermittent and two-tone audible outputs are available, from which any combination can be chosen to provide alert and evacuate, two stage alarms. Sound types comply with most international codes (e.g. BS 5839 Part 1 recommended frequencies).

Key Features

  • Sensor and sounder from a single wiring point - minimising installation costs
  • Powered directly from the ZP loop
  • Up to 60 sensor/sounders directly on the loop
  • Separate addresses selectable for sensor and sounder
  • High efficiency sound gun transducer
  • Compatible with all ZP loop devices
  • Wide range of international sound types and frequencies

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