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  • Ziton ZP720-3 Analogue Heat Sensor

Ziton ZP720-3 Analogue Heat Sensor

Ziton ZP720-3 Analogue Heat Sensor
Brand: Ziton

Please note: the ZP720-3 is being phased out and is going to be replaced by the ZP720-3P

The ZP720-3P addressable thermal detector is a POLAR WHITE, thermistor-controlled device that responds to changes in its ambient temperature. The device provides a reliable response to fires in areas where environmental conditions may prohibit the use of smoke detectors.
The sensitivity of each detector is set by the ZP control panel and can be adjusted between four levels ranging between 58°C and 75°C - either manually or automatically on a timed basis. At sensitivity level two, the ZP720-3 fully meets the requirements of EN54 Pt 5 (grade 1) and is approved by several international approval bodies. Temperature levels are continuously sensed by the unit and transmitted via the ZP wiring loop as electronic signals, which are assessed and verified by the control panel prior to any alarm decision being taken.

Automatic self-test

Detector sensitivity, calibration and self-test are carried out automatically by the ZP system. Removal or replacement of an incorrect sensing device will be identified by the system and shown as a fault.

Up to 127 sensing devices may be connected to each of the control panel loops. All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be given a unique address, which is polled by the panel every two seconds.

Locking base option

The low profile moulding together with either surface or recessed bases makes the unit ideal for both commercial and industrial interiors. A red LED indicator situated on the sensor moulding, flashes to indicate when the unit is in alarm.

For ease of removal, detectors plug into a range of base units by a simple twist and lock action. A site selectable option is provided to lock the detector into its base. Once applied, the unit can only be removed by means of a special tool.

Space for address labels is provided on detector and base mouldings ensuring that units are replaced in their correct location and that address numbers can be identified from floor level.

Key Features

  • Analogue sensing - reduces false and unwanted alarms
  • Addressable - system knows the status and location of every sensor
  • Automatic self test
  • EN54 Part 5 approved and CPD certified

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