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  • Ziton ZP3AB-NET1 Network Board Optional Facility Card

Ziton ZP3AB-NET1 Network Board Optional Facility Card

Ziton ZP3AB-NET1 Network Board Optional Facility Card
Brand: Ziton
  • £219.89 (£263.87 inc VAT)

Ziton ZP3AB-NET1 Network Board Optional Facility Card

The ZP3AB-NET1 enables ZP3 control panels to be connected together to form networks. The interface card is attached directly onto the ZP3 main control board inside the panel enclosure. Up to 64 standalone control panels can be linked to form the ZP network allowing the integration of over 32 000 system devices.
Networks can be designed as peer to peer systems where all control panels are connected to form a single coordinated fire detection and alarm system. Each panel controls its own devices and displays its own system information, but is capable of cross panel cause and effect operation. The ZP3AB-NET1 network board also enables hierarchical networks to be easily configured, where one or more control panels can be assigned as masters displaying complete system status.

RS485 protocol

Communication between ZP3 fire alarm panels operates by RS485 protocol, over twisted screened pair wiring. Total cable length throughout the network can be up to a maximum of 2 kilometres. On larger sites, where wiring runs to remote systems may exceed this maximum, cable lengths can be extended by the addition of RS485 booster units or optical fibre connection.

Designed to provide flexible system configuration, system wiring can be daisy chained or teed off with spurs. Network connections are in data quality cable with a minimum core diametre of 0.5 mm². Jumper terminating switches are provided on all network interface boards, which are set at the system commissioning stage.

Cost effective options

The ZP3AB-NET1 network board is part of the range of optional facility boards, which can be added, cost effectively to any ZP3 control panel, in order to provide extra facilities that may not be a requirement of every system.

Housed within the ZP3 panel, options can simply be added during panel manufacture to meet particular specifications, or subsequently fitted on site should a particular requirement become necessary during the life of the system.

Key Features

  • Up to 64 panel networking
  • Housed inside main panel enclosure
  • Complete cross panel communications
  • Inter panel cause and effect operation

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