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  • Vesda 020-052 19" Enclosure for Sub-Rack (2 Rows)

Vesda 020-052 19" Enclosure for Sub-Rack (2 Rows)

Vesda 020-052 19" Enclosure for Sub-Rack (2 Rows)
  • £1,648.03 (£1,977.64 inc VAT)

Vesda 020-052 19" Enclosure for Sub-Rack (2 Rows)

To compliment the VESDA range of detectors, displays and programmers a 19 inch Subrack enclosure is available. The 19 inch rack enclosure is designed to house up to 12 display and/or programmer modules, VESDAnet sockets, or relay only modules in a wide variety of configurations to suit the particular requirements of a site where centralized control and monitoring of the VESDA system is required.

19" Subracks can be installed in glass fronted enclosures and are mounted on a swing frame for convenient connection of all the cables. Cable entry for 24 VDC power, VESDAnet connection and interfacing to the relays is provided by multiple knock-outs on all four sides of the box. 19" Subracks and blank panels must be ordered separately. Each enclosure will accommodate up to 3 subracks. If utilising only 1 or 2 racks the VESDA Power Supply (VPS-100-US-xxx) can also be mounted in the enclosure.

A detector enclosure is also available which incorporates a small glass window to view an on-board display. The detector enclosure enables a single detector to be installed in challenging environments where a high IP rating is required.

Key Features:

  • Dual hinged glass door provides easy access to VESDA modules and termination boards
  • Second door provides access to the termination boards
  • Designed for easy mounting
  • Multiple knock-outs for easy cable entry
  • Holds up to 3 subracks
  • Full size, lockable window and door

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