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  • Tyco MZX SensorLaser Plus Linear Heat Detection System

Tyco MZX SensorLaser Plus Linear Heat Detection System

Tyco MZX SensorLaser Plus Linear Heat Detection System
Brand: Tyco

MZX SensorLaser Plus Fibre Optic Linear Heat Detection System

The reliability and precision of a fire detection system play a key role in the early detection of fire. The new MZX SensorLaserTM Plus guarantees fast and continuous fire detection even in difficult and varying ambient conditions. The new linear heat detection system enables long and heavily fragmented facilities such as traffic and supply tunnels, cable routes and conveyor belts as well as large-scale buildings such as production halls, cold stores and multi-storey car parks to be monitored at all times. The MZX SensorLaserTM Plus is ideal for use in areas that are hard or impossible to access after installation, e.g. false floors, because maintenance can be carried out from the control unit.

The MZX SensorLaserTM Plus delivers precise information about the location of the fire, its size and spreading even under adverse and changing ambient conditions.

Unique advantages

The only product of its kind on the market, the MZX SensorLaserTM Plus enables a measuring range of up to 8 km per sensor cable to be monitored. Up to two 8km spurs or one 8km loop can be connected.  Because the ambient conditions in a monitoring area of this size can vary enormously, the individual sensor cables can each be divided into up to 256 zones. Several alarm criteria that can be freely defined as required operate in each zone. This level of precision adjustment allows the MZX SensorLaserTM Plus to deliver high security against false alarms and precise fire detection despite contrary and variable ambient conditions.



  • Continuous detection despite extremely large monitoring area
  • Easy and rapid installation of the maintenance-free sensor cable
  • Very high resistance to extremely contrary ambient influences(immune against heat, cold, humidity, corrosion, strong winds and draft)
  • Undiminished precision under electromagnetic interference
  • Unprecedented security against false alarms
  • Very high sensor cable service life of up to 30 years
  • Temperature profile over the complete measurement range delivers exact information of location, size and spreading of the fire
  • Very low maintenance costs as the maintenance and the trouble shouting can be done from the control unit
  • VdS certified to EN 54/5-A1
  • One controller unit will drive up two 8km spurs or one 8km loop
  • Easy integration into existing installations
  • Each sensor cable divided into up to 256 zones
  • Individual configuration of 5 alarm criteria per zone
  • Good network connection through Modbus, TCP/IP, FTP and SCPI interfaces

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