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  • Tyco 557.203.021 MX Loop Tester

Tyco 557.203.021 MX Loop Tester

Tyco 557.203.021 MX Loop Tester
Brand: Tyco

Tyco 557.203.021 MX Loop Tester

The MX Loop Tester can test, commission and fault-find a loop of up to 250 MX digital addressable detectors/devices, without a fire panel. A laptop is generally used for operation & display, but a "One Person Installation Mode" is automatically enabled on power up.

Identifies all devices on the loop, determining addresses and types. Over-addressed (>250), unknown device types, and, generally, duplicate addressed devices are recognised. Monitors analogue values of all detectors/modules on the loop to determine device status:

  • normal / alarm / fault / dirty etc.
  • Provides alarm test for detectors that support it.
  • Allows Walk Test. Any device going into alarm is shown on the laptop with address and time. Walk Test Status (devices not tested yet) can be requested. Walk test mode overrides detection algorithm delays for fast testing.
  • Monitors loop current and status, identifying open / short and over-current conditions. Details devices present on each side of break (so that position of break or tripped isolator can be determined).
  • Includes commands to operate device LED and control output modules (relays and sounders).
  • Turns on LED of faulty detectors (when there is no alarm) to aid visual identification.
  • Automatic addressing mode allows un-programmed devices to be added in sequence and be automatically addressed.
  • Detailed diagnostics and commissioning modes via laptop.


  • Ability to commission loops without a panel
  • Verify installed loops before connection to panel
  • Fault find loops whilst disconnected from panel


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