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  • Tyco MTL 'DX' IS Barrier Enclosure (517.001.248)

Tyco MTL 'DX' IS Barrier Enclosure (517.001.248)

Tyco MTL 'DX' IS Barrier Enclosure (517.001.248)
Brand: Tyco

Tyco MTL 'DX' IS Barrier Enclosure (517.001.248)

The MTL 'DX' IS Barrier Enclosure is part of a range of polycarbonate enclosures to suit the sounder driver, EXI800 and the Galvanic Isolator. The enclosures provide see-through lids and can accommodate barriers in the safe area. The enclosures are impact resistant, flame retardant and dustproof to IP65.

Key Features

  • ATEX/IECEX certified intrinsically safe system Ex II1GD
  • Suitable for use in Zone 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22
  • Fully intrinsically safe MX Digital addressable system 800 with MINERVA® MX Fire Controllers
  • Allows flexible installation and system design
  • Detector circuit and sounder circuit monitoring maintained throughout the system
  • Unrivaled range of I.S. field devices for MX Digital addressable applications
  • Complies to EN54-7 for Smoke Detectors, EN54-5 for Heat Detectors, EN54-11 for Call Points and EN54-18 for I/O Devices

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