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  • Tyco Minerva MX TSM800 Door Control Module (555.800.069)

Tyco Minerva MX TSM800 Door Control Module (555.800.069)

Tyco Minerva MX TSM800 Door Control Module (555.800.069)
Brand: Tyco

Tyco Minerva MX TSM800 Door Control Module (555.800.069)

The TSM800 door control module when used with the ZX Expert control panels fire detectors will rapidly prevent the spread of fire of smoke by automatically closing the affected compartments fire doors.

Integrating the TSM800 and the door control function into the ZX fire detection system in our product portfolio enables us to offer a one-stop, all-in-one solution. This greatly facilitates the planning and configuration of a project because the availability of an all-in-one system from one single supplier guarantees compatibility at all times.

Installation costs are reduced because installation is both simpler and quicker. The possible components of a variety of manufacturers that can be used when installing the TSM800 in compliance with DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology) regulations are also indicated.

Key Features:

  • The TSM800 Door control module is as a triggering mechanism for hold-open devices in doors or fire dampers meeting DIBt guidelines for hold-open systems. It has a monitored analogue input and a relay contact (change-over switch) as a non-monitored output.
  • The TSM800 has a self-monitoring system that monitors communication with the control panel and the presence of the line voltage
  • The TSM800 is powered from the loop
  • The TSM800 has an electrically isolated output that monitors for undervoltage in the external power supply for the hold-open device
  • The hold-open device is powered from an external source
  • The TSM800 has an integrated short-circuit isolator. Actuation of the short-circuit isolator is indicated by means of a yellow LED on the TSM800
  • The 24V auxiliary supply is monitored for undervoltage

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