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  • Lexicomm ViLX-IPB IP66 Weatherproof Type B Refuge Point

Lexicomm ViLX-IPB IP66 Weatherproof Type B Refuge Point

Lexicomm ViLX-IPB IP66 Weatherproof Type B Refuge Point
Brand: Vox Ignis

Lexicomm ViLX-IPB IP66 Weatherproof Type B Refuge Point

The ViLX-IPB is a type B EVCS outstation for use in outdoor or exposed areas and is compatible with the Lexicomm standalone and network EVCS systems. The outstation is supplied within an compact IP65 enclosure which is externally signed as required by Building Regulations Approved Document B. The enclosure is opened by operation of a lever lock, exposing the handsfree unit and operating instructions.

All Lexicomm Emergency Voice Communications Systems (EVCS) are designed to comply fully with the requirements of BS5839-9:2011 for use as a fire telephone system (FT), disabled refuge system (DRS) or as a combined system when both fire telephones and disabled refuge call points are required.

An EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system to assist fire fighters during emergencies in high rise buildings or large sites where radio communication cannot be guaranteed to work due to interference from the fire corona. BS5839-9:2011 covers the design, installation and operation of fire telephones and disabled refuge systems in buildings, and where both systems are fitted to a building, the standard specifies these should form a single system.

Key Features:

  •  IP65 cased Hands free full duplex operation
  •  Surface mount
  •  Fully Monitored to BS5839-9:2011
  •  Braille enhanced Call Button
  •  Standards compliant signage integrated in design
  •  Red status LED


The ViLX-IPB is a Type B outstation as defined in BS5839-9:2011, and is designed to be used by the public as a disabled refuge call point in outdoor environments. Type B outstations should be placed  in disabled refuge locations as described in Building Regulations Approved Document B and BS9999:2017.

Mounting the Unit

The ViLX-IPB unit should be mounted at a height of 900mm to 1200mm from the centre line to the finished floor level to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations Document M (Access for the Disabled). When drilling any holes for cable access ensure any bare metal is treated with an antioxidant primer, and all cable glands meet IP65 and are correctly tightened. Ensure all mounting holes have the screw seals correctly fitted, failure to ensure this will compromise the IP rating of the enclosure.

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