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  • Hochiki MTL5561 Galvanic Isolator

Hochiki MTL5561 Galvanic Isolator

Hochiki MTL5561 Galvanic Isolator
Brand: Hochiki

Please Note: This product is now obsolete, for more information please Contact Us.

Hochiki MTL5561 Galvanic Isolator

Model MTL5561 is a zone-powered (Conventional Zone Circuit), two-channel interface for use in conventional fire detection systems for protection within hazardous areas. In operation, the triggering of a detector causes corresponding change in the safe-area circuit. The unit has reverse input polarity protection, while 'non-fail' earth fault detection on either line can be provided by connecting an earth leakage detector to terminals 3 or 6. Certified for use in Zone 0, IIC, T4-6 hazardous areas.


  • Simple installation onto standard DIN railing
  • Simplified installation and maintenance using plug-in connectors
  • Input circuit protected against reverse polarity

Please Note: The MTL5561 has replaced the obsolete MTL5061.

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