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  • 1L Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - 1WMX

1L Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - 1WMX

1L Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - 1WMX

1L Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - 1WMX

When the extinguisher is activated the fire is put out by a mist curtain that forms around the fire source protecting the surrounding area and people in the vicinity. The mist acts to remove oxygen and other combustible gases from the fuel source and after the fire is extinguished the mist has superior cooling effects that ensure that the fire continues to cool; preventing re-ignition.

There is almost no collateral damage after discharge because the water turns to steam as it attacks the fire leaving nothing of the agent to dispose of. This makes cleaning and re-commissioning both quick and easy, unlike some other agents that although effective in putting out the fire leave the affected area almost destroyed and with the extinguishing agent to dispose of, adding extra costs to your operations.

Unique to Jewel Fire Group, this revolutionary range uses de-ionized water with no additives whatsoever. Ideal for internal use, especially where footfall is high, this multipurpose extinguisher is safer to use, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective over the life cycle.

Key Benefits

  • Multipurpose covering many classes of fire risk
  • The fine mist has been tested over 5 years to be Legionella-free
  • 3L and 6L red versions Marine Equipment Directive Approved
  • Training is easier and simplified
  • Minimal collateral damage in a real fire situation so downtime is reduced
  • Exceptional at clearing smoke
  • Lower costs for servicing, disposal of agents, training and downtime

Please note: The image is for illustrative purposes only. This is the 1L version.

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