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C-Tec BF432C/CC/W ActiV Conventional Base Sounder VAD (O-R-3-2.5-17)

C-Tec BF432C/CC/W ActiV Conventional Base Sounder VAD (O-R-3-2.5-17)
Brand: C-Tec
  • $42.91

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C-Tec BF432C/CC/W ActiV Conventional Base Sounder VAD (O-R-3-2.5-17)

The ActiV Base Mount range of conventional sounders and combined sounder visual alarm devices (VADs) are designed for use with C-TEC’s range of fire panels and other compatible third-party panels. However, compatibility testing with third-party panels is recommended to ensure correct operation. Their purpose is to visually and audibly alert building occupants of a fire alarm.

The bases offer low current consumption, high sound output, high efficiency VADs, 31 selectable primary tones with selectable secondary tone set, two selectable volume levels and three selectable VAD flash rates. Tones, volume levels and VAD flash rates are changed using the base’s 8-way DIP switch.

All bases can be optionally used as either:

  • a stand-alone base device using a separately available locking white cap (BF330CTLIDW) / red cap (BF330CTLIDR), or
  • a combined base device and detector (detectors are separately available and wired on a separate detection circuit). The base devices are compatible with C-TEC’s range of ActiV conventional detectors and other compatible third-party suppliers.

Key Features

  • Third-party certified to EN54-3 (Sounders) and EN54-23 (VADs)
  • Provides 'O-R-3-2.5-17' light distribution
  • Ideally suited for use in corridors and other rectangular areas
  • Impressive 96dB(A) sound output @ 1m
  • 31 selectable primary and secondary tone pairs and two volume levels (high and low)
  • Three selectable VAD flash rates (0.5Hz, 1Hz, OFF)
  • Alarm Current at 30Vdc = 12.2mA (0.5Hz) or 19.5mA (1Hz)
  • Alarm Current at 18Vdc = 14.5mA (0.5Hz) or 25mA (1Hz)
  • Optional BF330CTLIDW white or BF330CTLIDR red cap available for stand-alone use
  • Supplied with a BF431QCP quick connect plate and detector spur wires
  • IP21C rated

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