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  • Advanced MXP-028-BX Modem Card (24V) – Boxed

Advanced MXP-028-BX Modem Card (24V) – Boxed

Advanced MXP-028-BX Modem Card (24V) – Boxed

Please Note: From 1st January 2023, this product will no longer be available. After careful analysis of the features and benefits across the MxPro 4 and MxPro 5 ranges, Advanced Electronics have decided to remove a number of MxPro 4 options where they are also available on the MxPro 5.

Advanced MXP-028-BX Modem Card (24V) – Boxed

The Modem Interface card is a peripheral interface for use with the Advanced range of control panels.

The unit permits remote PC connection for interactive control panel interrogation via the software package PC-Net-004.

The unit can be supplied in PCB format for internal panel mounting, or in an enclosure for remote mounting. This unit has the following diagnostics:

Heartbeat LED Indicator

  • During initial power up, LED 3 will flash at a rate of 2Hz. After approximately 5 seconds it will revert to 1Hz indicating normal operation.

Modem Status LED's

  • DCDIND – Telephone connection established
  • RXIND – Receipt of data by modem
  • DTRIND – Always illuminated
  • TXIND – Data transmission by modem
  • RS232 Activity LED's
  • RX – Receipt of data from fire panel
  • TX - Transmission of data to fire panel

Applications / Limitations

  • The modem will allow interactive interrogation of the connected fire product including transfer of the event log using Pc-Net-004 software.

Key Features:

  • Remote dial-up access
  • Can be internally mounted or remotely fitted
  • Uses Pc-Net-004 for PC to site connection
  • 3 year warranty as standard

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