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Advanced GO1V+ Go 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel (Argus – 240 Addresses)

Advanced GO1V+ Go 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel (Argus – 240 Addresses)
  • $722.43

Advanced GO1V+ Go 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel (Argus – 240 Addresses)

The new Go series is an evolution for non-networked single-loop fire alarm systems. Its innovative design includes several improvements and upgrades to critical safety features, while retaining all the benefits and user-friendly operation of an Advanced fire alarm control panel.

The control panel now features an ergonomic layout and a high-resolution, high-contrast graphical LCD display. The tactile keypad enables simple select-and-click programming, making configuration faster for engineers and operation easier for end-users.

Offering two performance options, Go and Go+, the series provides different maximum numbers of configurable addresses, ensuring greater flexibility for site-specific installations.

Functional improvements include integral zonal LEDs which enable instant identification of alarm locations, and ensure compliance with BS5839 without the cost of a separate LED zone card.

The new PCB integrates both control panel and peripherals on the same board and incorporates the latest high-speed microprocessor technology, for 9 times faster operation than MxPro 4.

With powerful cause-and-effect programming and enhanced trace diagnostics, the panel is ideal for a variety of applications, from small to medium systems.

Every Go series panel is fully programmable on-site through the control panel display or our updated, user-friendly PC Configuration Tool.

Key Features

  • Multiprotocol support, Apollo (Discovery, XP95), Hochiki (ESP) & Argus (VEGA)
  • Graphical LCD  user interface, LED indicators & push buttons
  • Installer-friendly Auto-learn, Loop detection and On-board scope facility
  • 500 fire + 5000 general event logging, with advanced diagnostic precision to aid installation & fault-finding
  • Integral 15 Zone LEDs ensures compliance with BS5839, with
  • 35 additional software indication zones
  • Uses a new Configuration Tool with Office365 appearance with better graphics and easier functions for programming
  • Two on-board Sounder outputs, three on-board Relay outputs
  • Optional 3 monitored input/outputs for Fire/Fault routing (with P-Bus adaptor & routing card) for full EN54 compliance when connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Dedicated USB Type B port for direct PC connection
  • Future ethernet connectivity to AdvancedLive, which will provide remote notification and panel management
  • Innovative 'no hinge' removable door and hangable chassis for easier installation
  • Employing an identical monitoring feature as the Mx-5000 series, the Go series meets the requirements of EN54-13 (2005) Clauses and (partial open & short circuits) for optimal fire system performance and complete peace of mind

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