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  • Advanced CON535PR Lux Intelligent 35W T5 Addressable Conversion Remote

Advanced CON535PR Lux Intelligent 35W T5 Addressable Conversion Remote

Advanced CON535PR Lux Intelligent 35W T5 Addressable Conversion Remote

Please note: This product is now obsolete, please contact us for further information.

Advanced CON535PR Lux Intelligent 35W T5 Addressable Conversion Remote

Advanced is proud to be an ICEL registered conversion house, meeting the exacting requirements of the ICEL 1004 for the re-engineering of luminaires for emergency use. As an experienced conversion service, any style of conversion can be undertaken, including both fluorescents and LED light sources.

Upon receipt of the luminaire, it will be examined to determine the best-suited type of conversion, either integral or remote.

Once the conversion is complete, including the addition of any addressable components, the luminaires are fully tested before being returned to the customer.

All components used are selected to provide the best emergency solution and performance. Standard fluorescent inverters operate with total isolation, where four pole change-over operation of the lamp/gear connections operates with a timed fifth pole to make and break the ballast live supply.

Only the highest quality nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries are used. Conversions are completed to ensure successful operation with all ballast types, including HF and dimming.  Fluorescent conversions ranging from 18W T8 lamps all the way to 80W T5 tubes can be achieved, including various lamp types from 2D to TCT styles.

With access to a large selection of LED emergency controllers, both low and high power, there is a solution to all LED luminaires.

Since Advanced is ISO9001 certified, it means that after conversion of the luminaire to emergency operation, the CE mark can be re-applied to it. With all conversions to emergency operation, the full warranty of the luminaire reverts to Advanced, providing peace of mind to the customer.

The conversions fully incorporate all features of the Lux Intelligent range of emergency lighting test panels.

Key Features:

  • Integral conversions implemented, whenever possible
  • Advanced are an ICEL 1004 approved conversion house
  • Addressable and emergency conversions available
  • Warranty is provided for the whole luminaire after conversion
  • Fluorescent and LED light source conversions provided

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